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Presented here are examples of space shuttle post-flight presentations, the majority of which have elements which have flown into space (flag, patch, seal, etc.).

Thousands of items were carried on each shuttle mission for presentation afterwards, a testament to the significant human contribution required for each mission's success. The photos below only begin to scratch the surface of what awards are out there. The goal is show a representative selection covering the different types for each mission and not an archive of each and every individual presentation created. There are cases where multiple of the same presentation are shown for a given mission. These instances are examples showing various types of inscriptions and in many cases can aid in determining the nature of the applied crew signatures (i.e. were they signed by hand, with an autopen, or pre-printed).

Many of the presentations have hand-written inventory numbers on the reverse and/or a typed letter stating the when/where/why/who of the award. A section devoted to the details of this information is planned.

Futher reading about flown flags and their use throughout the Space Shuttle program. [Mirror Link]

Please send in photos of different styles or other presentations you've seen and I will add them to the archive.


Full Archive - All Styles of Presentations Shown for All Missions


Style 1: Crew Patch Flown
Style 2: Crew Patch & Flag Flown
Style 3: Crew Patch Worn During Flight

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